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Your gift helps rebuild lives. Each day individuals walk through our doors in desperate need of assistance ranging from food and housing to lifesaving substance use disorder treatment.

  • $50 - Case Management: Case management services for three transitional residents.

  • $100 - Clinical Session: One individual clinical session with a licensed therapist.

  • $250 - Infant Supplies: One month supply of diapers and formula for two infants.

  • $500 - Utilities: One month of utilities for one of our residential homes.

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Sydney, Hope House Residential Treatment & Transitional Graduate: "Within my first week at Hope House, I managed to convince myself that I wasn’t really an addict and I would be okay after 30 days of this 90-day treatment program. When 60 days approached, I stopped fighting myself and stayed until I graduated. Because of the outstanding support from staff, I walked into Hope House as a stubborn 18-year-old girl and I walked out as a strong young woman in recovery. I spent the next 8 months living in their transitional house surrounded by women who came from the same place I did and who wanted the same thing: a life free from drugs and alcohol, a life in recovery. In transitional, I got my first job in this field, I got my driver’s license, I got my first car and I had the strength to leave a toxic relationship.

Today, I am 3 years clean and sober. I was able to move out into my own apartment, I made amends with my family and I made amends with myself. Over the past 3 years, I have accomplished things I never would’ve thought I would be doing. In the past year alone, I have switched my education goal to support my desire to be an addiction counselor, successfully became certified as a Medi-Cal Peer Support Specialist, I went on my first business trip to Washington D.C. to advocate for recovery to U.S. Representatives at Capitol Hill, I began working part time for San Mateo County Behavioral Health and Recovery Services, I joined the Board for a non-profit youth ministry organization in San Francisco, I am a member of San Mateo County’s Youth Action Board, and as of very recently I am now working for Hope House.

In recovery, I found love. I found love within the communities I am a part of, my peers. I found love for helping people who are currently fighting the same fight I did. Most importantly, I found love for myself. I never thought I was capable of loving myself and today I am proud to say that I do. I am not perfect and I am still learning, but for the first time in a long time I can say that I genuinely love myself and I’m so proud of who I am becoming."

Sofia, Hope House Residential Treatment Graduate & Transitional Resident: "'Don’t quit before the miracle' is one of the slogans I learned from going through treatment at Hope House. While I was in treatment I learned skills that will stick with me for life. This program provided me the structure and support to stay sober while building skills and the confidence to keep my sobriety forever. I have been sober for 6 years and counting, I haven’t looked back since. I now live in one of the women’s transitional houses which requires me to attend 3 alcoholics anonymous meetings a week. Living with other women in recovery makes the home environment supportive and understanding, as well as feeling safe since everyone living in the home is drug and alcohol free. Here, we all have to take accountability for our actions. I am able to go to work and school, take care of my health, work on my responsibilities and stay focused on my sobriety. The environment I live in is very respectful and peaceful. Learning how to stay sober for the long term at Hope House has been a life changing experience."

Sheena, Hope House Residential Treatment Graduate: "My life is what it is today because of the love and support of Service League and Hope House. I started using at a very young age, running the streets, being homeless, catching cases and getting in trouble with the law. I didn't care about the wreckage I was causing in my own life or in the lives around me. It took me almost losing everything including myself, my freedom and my son to see that I needed to change my outlook and the way I lived.

Each year continues to bring new challenges and struggles where I use the tools that I learned while going through Hope House. In these moments, I rely on the relationships with staff and other alumni that began when I first stepped into their inpatient program with my one-week-old newborn. I needed to be in the setting with other mothers and women who could relate with exactly what I was feeling and going through.

Today, my son is 10 years old, I get to pay rent and have a roof over our head, I have a car where I get to pay for gas and insurance, I am off probation, I get to be a legal assistant at a law firm and graduate SF State in May with my Bachelors in Business, I am on my son's school PTA. Today, I get to love myself and be a role model to my son, I am reliable and accountable, I get to have relationships with my family where they can tell me they no longer have to worry if I'm dead or alive.

I never imagined my life would look like this today. I am continuously and enormously grateful to the Service League, Hope House, its donors and others that have contributed to my new valuable and blessed life."

Tyler, Men’s Transitional Resident: "I was referred to Hope House by a person who was in rehab with me and I’m so grateful because my experience has been overwhelmingly positive. It’s given me the stability and structure that I required to transition from my rehab experience to living on my own in the 'real world.' We have weekly house meetings with Sachet, the woman who runs the men’s houses, to discuss the ups, downs, challenges, and goals of the previous week. Sachet goes above and beyond to help her clients stay focused and work through problems. I am now the House Manager and enjoy the added responsibility. It’s rewarding to know that people can depend on me.

Hope House gives you the opportunity to save money and plan for the next step in your sober life. We live in a crazy world but Hope House is a clean and safe place to come home to every day. I’ve also had the opportunity to meet guys who I now consider good friends and are in the exact same situation as myself and serve as a great source of support. I can honestly say that I don’t know where I would be today without Hope House. It’s helped me recover mentally, physically, and financially. I would highly recommend the Hope House program to anybody who is seeking help and wants the opportunity to help themselves to improve their life."

Jenna, Residential Treatment & Transitional Graduate: "Prior to Hope House I was in and out of jail and an active addict for over 7 years. I couldn’t imagine a day without using. On my last days of despair, I prayed for the strength and power to say no to the desire to use. On one of my last visits in jail I was offered an onsite class where I met a staff member who shared 'there was a home that would provide me support to recover.' At that moment I felt that there was a spark of hope for me.

At Hope House I grew into a beautiful woman. I learned about my mental health and gained tools to help me that I still continue to use when life is tough. With the help of staff, classes and a loving community, I gained a new found self love. I gained a community of recovery and like-minded friends. Most importantly I learned how to choose to live every day.

Through their transitional housing I was encouraged to go back to school while continuing my work with sponsors and attending meetings. I completed cosmetology school and obtained my license by 2015. I immediately started working and now I have an amazing career.

Today, I am Jenna: a woman who is a friend, a warm and loving mother, a sister, a daughter, an aunt, who is present, peaceful, loving and drug free for over 10 years. My life is full of love and joy and happiness. I am forever grateful for my experience at Hope House, grateful for the love and hope they instilled in me until I knew I could do it for myself."

To see more of our impact from last fiscal year, view our FY 22-23 Annual Report here.