Inmate Programs

Our agency currently offers the following programs within the adult correctional facilities in San Mateo County, which provide rehabilitation, education, and stress reduction. These have had a positive effect on not only the Inmates, but also on our community as a whole.

Message Request
The Inmate message requests are directed from the correctional facilities to the agency.
Phone calls can be made to family, friends, attorneys, and probation officers, in the following area codes: 510, 415, 650, 408, 925, 831, 669, and 707.
An appropriate short message must fit in the Nature of Request section on the Inmate Request Form only. No third party calls. We are unable to call programs that require some type of acceptance.



Checks/Legal Documents


Jail Library

Religious Services
Our Religious Services Coordinator provides Pastoral visits, Bibles, religious material, a schedule of religious activities and marriage information.

Inmate Welfare

Jury Trial Clothing

Legal & Medical Aid

Volunteer and Community Service Programs