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Resilience means recovering from difficulties and being able to bounce back. Here’s how sobriety can make you more resilient.

Life has enough hurdles to overcome, self-sabotage needn’t be one of them. Here’s what self-sabotaging means and how we can stop engaging in it.

While normally “back to school” is reserved for children, it turns out that this time of year is important for every age. That’s because you’re never too old to continue learning, and it can help you live up to your true potential in everyday life.

It turns out our relationship with alcohol is more complicated than it might seem. Here’s a look at why women are drinking more than ever before, and what it means for our health.

Many of us are aware that spending too much time in the sun can increase our risk of melanoma skin cancer, but did you know that consuming alcohol can too? According to new research, as little as one serving of alcohol per day can increase your skin cancer risk.

There’s no doubt the pandemic has been impacting our mental health. According to the American Psychological Association, here are important signs of anxiety, panic attacks, depression, and suicide to look out for.

Just because it’s the middle of the year doesn’t mean it’s too late to set and achieve big things yet this year. While reevaluating your existing goals, throw in some hard-to-reach newer goals and set your sights high.

Sometimes, we cope with criticism, disappointment, and defeat in self-destructive ways. Here are some healthier approaches we can take to better cope.

Life happens, and focusing on all aspects of your health is easier said than done. Take small steps in each area to start building solid habits!

Most of us are familiar with the serenity prayer, especially those who’ve been members of AA. But where does it come from, and who wrote it?

Campaigns encouraging drinkers to be mindful of their alcohol intake are not enough, academics warn. In fact, the alcohol industry has been accused of denying the link between alcohol and cancer, seriously endangering the health of the public.

Drinking alcohol can affect your body in all sorts of different ways; here, you can explore some of the most common effects on this body map.

Making a difference in a child’s life sounds like a daunting task, but small acts of kindness can add up and make a huge difference. Start small, like an hour spent volunteering or mentoring.

How to identify whether you’re suffering from depression, discover what causes it, and learn treatment options.

Susannah Constantine, the “What Not to Wear” presenter, has been in recovery for seven years and opens up about her experience.

The reality is that perfectionism creates chronic stress, whether it is acknowledged or not. It is distinct from doing one’s personal best, or setting the bar high enough to create a healthy challenge. Here’s how to recognize when perfectionism is harmful:

Inspiration is a fickle thing. It comes and goes with little warning. The good news is, you can always reignite inspiration when you’re feeling uninspired.

The difference between guilt, shame, and regret in early recovery (and how to overcome them).

Have you tried listening to podcasts? Did you know there are podcasts centered around recovery and sobriety? Here are five podcasts you might want to listen and subscribe to:

While summer is a time of fun, it can also be a time to help mold amazing qualities, like giving back to the community. Ask your children to choose an activity that also gives back

Did you know that according to a survey from American Addiction Centers, up to 86 percent of people drink on first dates? For those of us who don’t drink, dating can be an even more daunting proposition. Here are some tips to help.

Prince Harry discusses how the trauma of losing his mother caused him to abuse drugs and alcohol, and that “the only way to free yourself and break out is to tell the truth.”

If you’re able, use World Blood Donor Day as a time to give back and save lives by donating blood. If you aren’t able to safely do so, consider helping out in one of the various other ways to help spread awareness.

Transitions are rarely easy, even when the changes are welcome. Here’s how to manage when you lose touch with your support systems.

Recent data from a major study done by the University of Washington shows that the harm of drinking outweighs any benefits, and that “the safest level of drinking is none.”

Weather across the country is heating up, and it’s the perfect time to get out and enjoy mother nature. As it turns out, when it comes to spending time outside, the benefits go far beyond the fresh air.

What is anger, what causes anger issues, and how to manage anger in the heat of the moment?

Here's a list of 30 resources to help you give up alcohol from others who’ve done it.

While the future is uncertain, mankind remains resilient. We’ve learned to adapt to a “new normal” and are slowly making our way back to activities that we set aside for more than a year. A lot has changed, and some of the new techniques and processes surrounding fundraisers, volunteering and fundraising are here to stay.

While in many ways this year epitomizes loss, it can be crucial for us to find ways to stay grateful alongside our grief.

How can you tell if you are feeling anxious or sad, or if it’s something more serious? Here are some signs to look out for.

The upcoming Memorial Day holiday is all about honoring those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country. This is the perfect holiday to exercise taking a day “on” instead of a day off.

A new study shows evidence that optimism, the act of having hope for the future, helps to reduce stress when tackling difficult challenges.

According to a neuropsychologist, “When a person experiences severe trauma, several parts of the brain can be impacted negatively and take extended periods of time to recover.” Here are some significant ways that trauma changes the brain.

Desirée Bujanda Misle, author of “I, Mother of an Addict” writes for American Addiction Centers about her experiences with substance abuse, codependency, and motherhood.

To lead a fulfilled life, being healthy is about much more than just the physical. It involves your mental well-being, too. 

Tomorrow is Service League’s first virtual 35th Community Prayer Celebration, held on the 70th National Day of Prayer! We are excited to celebrate 60 years of Service League providing safety-net services, and 30 years of Hope House Miracles, as we pray for healing and restoration for those in our community and all over the world, who have been so deeply impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are five reasons why it may take someone so long to quit drinking, even when the desire to stop is present.

You don’t have to choose just one cause or organization to support. You can provide support for various causes and various organizations. Take the time to figure out what feels right for you and your own goals for doing good in the world.

We're less than ONE WEEK away from Service League’s first virtual 35th Community Prayer Celebration, held on the 70th National Day of Prayer! The event will be held on Thursday, May 6th, 2021 from 12:00-12:30 pm. Please pre-register for the event at: igfn.us/e/2JouAQ.

Reminder: All are welcome at NO cost; however, if you do wish to support our mission, please go to our registration site as your donation is greatly appreciated. If you can’t make it, a replay of the event will be available beginning May 7th on our website. Please SHARE the link with your friends and family!

Anxiety can cause worry, fear, tension, or even panic attacks and physical pain. And since anxiety disorders affect roughly 40 million people in the US, it’s important to learn how to identify and manage common anxiety triggers.

Overcoming substance use disorder is about more than just free will. There’s still a lot to learn, but here’s what we know so far.

May is recognized as National Recommitment Month. It’s a time of renewal and even to build new habits or relationships. What will you recommit to this month?

The author of "The Sober Survival Guide" discusses his experience with sobriety and how quitting drinking turned his life around.

Now that the world is showing signs of getting back to a sense of “normalcy,” use this Earth Day as a reminder that when we all work together, we can make a difference.

According to a therapist, any time you begin to feel like a process or a relationship has become unmanageable in some way, it can be a good invitation to take a step back. Here are four steps for taking a mental health detox.

Three valuable lessons of mental wellness that rarely get talked about.

For some, drug courts break the cycle of addiction and crime.

You have the power to continue to do good in the world and be the positive change, even with everything going on around us.

An important resource on how to mindfully navigate difficult conversations.

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