Religious Services

RELIGIONESOne of the first services provided to inmates by the Service League of San Mateo County were Religious Services. Inmates of all faiths in the San Mateo County Jails are guaranteed the right to have their religious needs met while incarcerated.

The Religious Coordinator of the Service League is responsible for coordinating and providing this guarantee. Over 150 currently approved volunteers provide over 130 scheduled group religious services in the jails each month. Approximately 11,000 inmates attended these services during the year. Five volunteer chaplains regularly provide approximately 90 one-on-one contact visits per month with inmates who request the visit. In addition to the regular services and contact visits, the Service League arranges numerous weekly religious visits by representatives from a variety of faiths who are not cleared to go inside the jails. These visits are requested by individual inmates and do not count against their allotted visits from family and friends.

Thanks to an endowment from a former volunteer, the Service League is able to provide over 800 Bibles and Qur’ans each year to inmates who request them. In addition, the Religious Services Coordinator is responsible for providing death notifications and critical health information regarding inmates’ family members.

The Religious Services Coordinator is responsible for the preparation of jail clearance applications to the Sheriff’s Office for all new and renewing volunteers who provide services in the jails under the auspices of the Service League and for the training of new volunteers. The Religious Services Coordinator is also responsible for assisting inmates who request to get married while incarcerated by processing the paperwork required by the Sheriff’s Office and the County Clerk’s Office for approval and scheduling the actual wedding, if approved.